Some documents recent or old, usually resources from by blog posts.

2018 AI Publications Analysis Spreadsheet

This document is a list of all research publications by Facebook and Google (including DeepMind) about Artificial intelligence in 2018 reviewed under their approach … more

2018 - 100+ authors from Facebook AI Research, Google AI, DeepMind

2023 Comparative Search Review Raw Results

This document contains the raw results of 16 searches for 4 ranking algorithms: Okapi BM25, Elastic Learned Sparse EncodeR (ELSER, retrieval model trained by, all-MiniLM-L6-v2… and Google. The searches are done on a dataset is 9000 automotive questions in 2023. on … more

2023-Oct - Gabriel

‘Intelligent machinery’ by Alan Turing

Draft of Intelligent machinery report written by Alan Turing in 1948. Turing lays down simple explanations using none of the today trendy wording about artificial intelligence and that bring some freshness and new perspective in that field. … more

July-1948 - Alan Turing