Running a bitcoin full node on ubuntu

by Gabriel, created 31-dec-2017, updated 31-dec-2017

This post is describing my experience when running a bitcoin full node on an ubuntu LXC container on a dedicated server at OVH.


As stated by, running a bitcoin full node is "currently the most private way to use Bitcoin".
Having a full node that you trust 100% allow you to use a lightweight client (like MultiBit or Electrum) on your other machines (home computer, smartphone) in a very safe manner by configuring it to connect only to your full node.
You are improving your privacy: no one can intercept your request and deduce your bitcoin address neither tamper your connection to the Bitcoin network.

So what are we waiting for, let's get started!

Preparation of the LXC container


How long did it take to synchronise the blockchain?

not that long actually. I read previously in (old) blog posts a few days, 3-4 days or at the best 36h... In the end in my situation it was ~9h45 for the full blockchain, no pruning!
from block 0 to block 501794 at Sat Dec 30 23:37:56 UTC 2017