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Own your Android device and protect privacy

How to make the most of the android environment AND protect your digital privacy... more

31-May-2019 - by Gabriel

Neural networks to remain the most researched AI approach in 2019 for Facebook and Google

In 2018 Google and Facebook Artificial Intelligence research labs have again heavily invested into neural networks: This is still the most researched approach to AI... more

31-Dec-2018 - by Gabriel

An overview of electricity substations in Sydney

Sydney has more than 200 electricity substations built in the 1920s-1930s by Sydney Municipal Council. I randomly discovered a few of them... more

19-Sep-2018 - by Gabriel

5 Reasons to opt-out of the My Health Record

The My Health Record opt-out period has started and will last until the 15th of October. Make an informed decision about your health electronic data.... more

31-jul-2018 - by Gabriel

Review of Scaleway ARM-based cloud server

Reviewing a performant and cost-effective ARM-based hosting provider... more

30-jun-2018 - by Gabriel

Uncovering Drupalgeddon 2 on Drupal 7

Uncovering the highly critical security vulnerability released in April on Drupal... more

31-may-2018 - by Gabriel

Re-discovering 'Intelligent machinery' by Alan Turing

Rediscovering a 70 years old and understated report by Alan Turing about artificial intelligence... more

30-apr-2018 - by Gabriel

Running a bitcoin full node on ubuntu 16.04

This post is describing my experience when running a bitcoin full node on an ubuntu LXC container... more

31-dec-2017 - by Gabriel